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Grand Rapids Drug Possession And Drug Use

Under Michigan law, the penalties for drug possession, use of illegal drugs, illicit possession or use of prescription drugs varies depending on the type of drug and the amount (measured in grams) of the substance and range from misdemeanor to felony offenses. 

As one example, the illicit possession of even one prescription pill is a felony. The penalty is significantly enhanced if any drug is possessed with intent to sell, give away or manufacture the substance. A conviction for a drug crime can also result in driver’s license sanctions by the Michigan Secretary of State. 

Our experienced drug crime defense attorneys understand the way prosecutors charge and negotiate drug crimes and have had considerable success negotiating felony charges to misdemeanors and securing alternative sentences such as diversion and probation under Section 7411 of the Michigan Controlled Substances Act. 

If granted 7411 diversion and you successfully complete your probation, then no drug conviction will be entered on your permanent record. If you have been charged with a drug crime, our attorneys will review your case to identify potential defenses to the charge and to develop a strategy, as needed, to negotiate a plea for a lesser charge or alternative sentencing.  

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