Grand Rapids Attorney Testimonials

Client Feedback

I can’t say enough about Jeff Radike at The Britt Law Group. He was my rock through a very tumultuous and difficult divorce. If you want to have the best representation, go with him and this firm. He goes above and beyond with communication, always keeping me updated. He kept the case moving forward when the opposing side dragged their feet and delayed things. Without him, I feel this divorce would have lasted much, much longer. He has the knowledge and experience you need. Especially if you have kids involved, he has the expertise to fight that battle for you. I was able to maintain my sanity knowing he had my back. Thank you Jeff! I will be going back to you for my estate planning.

– Jamie

Jeff Radike is one of only two attorneys I've worked with in over a half a century on this planet who has earned the title 'Counselor.' In addition to expertly navigating the legal issues in my case, he provided expert strategic and tactical counsel throughout, including some onerous follow-up negotiations that were required in the weeks immediately following the entry of judgment. In the midst of difficult decisions, Jeff very skillfully helped me to manage my emotions and make smart decisions that resulted in a favorable outcome that exceeded my initial hopes. I will not hesitate to use Jeff and his colleagues should the need arise, and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

– Dan

Kristin, thank you so much for all of your help over this past year, not just the wills. You've been a great sounding board and encouragement to our entire family. We appreciate your kind heart and excellent expertise.

– Ken & Nicole, Grand Rapids Family

Excellent guidance! Divorce, even under amicable terms is painful. Fluctuating emotions and unsolicited advice from everywhere can make even the most rational and clear headed think they are losing their mind. Jeff Radike was a no nonsense voice of reason during my divorce process. He acted as a consultant on a regular basis throughout the process. His advice and recommended direction were always spot on and made an emotional moment easier to handle. Jeff knew how important it was for me to keep the peace while still getting what was fair and equitable after a long marriage. Feeling overwhelmed on occasion, Jeff made sure to use his extensive expertise and strongly push for terms on my behalf. Consistently assisting me in making difficult decisions and prioritizing my needs…both presently and in the future. I'm so thankful that Jeff was able to help me get through. I highly recommend. Have a chat with him and you'll feel like you're in the best of hands.

– Julie

I have both worked with Kristin Britt personally and referred her to friends, family and clients. She is very easy to work with, speaks in plain English, and gets the job done completely and quickly. I am always happy to refer her to people I know.

– Lynda, Business Development Strategist, H&S Companies

Jeff Radike was recommended to me by my sister to help me with my divorce. I am so lucky that Jeff was my lawyer during the most difficult time in my life. With his background, experience and knowledge in several areas of the legal system, such as FOC, he was able to guide me through every decision that needed to be made when filing for divorce. Jeff was great at keeping me updated through the whole process and going well above and beyond in communicating either by email or phone, especially when the opposing counsel would delay things. Jeff was always on top of things. I am so glad that I had Jeff's support and guidance me through my divorce. Without Jeff, I don't know if I would have the courage I needed to keep moving forward with the Divorce. I can't say enough about Jeff, except that he is an awesome attorney and that I will always use Jeff for any future needs. Thanks Jeff for all you have done for me and my girls. I appreciate you very much and all your hard work did not go unnoticed.

– Anna

I had the privilege of working with Kristin Britt on a recent real estate transaction. Her concise decisions, and common sense approach to the process, made it a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend Kristin’s guidance for your legal needs.

– Tony Pearson, Owner, True North Real Estate Management

Kristin Britt's business card says ‘Attorney and Counselor at Law.’ She truly has your best interests at heart. That is where the ‘Counselor’ part comes in. Kristin is a true professional who works diligently to gather all the necessary information to properly advise you. She is very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable — and will always go the extra mile for you. She came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend her to you.

– Dave Bahls, Client Advisor, The Sharpe Collection, Jaguar & Land Rover