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Three Things to Do After You Decide to Divorce

Rarely do couples enter marriage thinking it will end in divorce, but the reality is that over half of marriages do. The Grand Rapids divorce attorneys at Britt Law Group know that while marriages end for a multitude of reasons, there are three things that everyone should do after they decide to divorce.

  1. Know What’s in Whose Name: When it comes time to divide your assets, it is important to know who technically owns what. Your house, vehicles and other properties will all have to be sorted out fairly, and knowing this information ahead of time can certainly speed up the process. Try to make note of major purchases, stocks, bank accounts and other valuable items that could cause issues later.
  2. Know Whom All Debt Belongs to: Some of your debt may have been incurred throughout the course of your marriage, like a home loan. But what about debts that your partner may have brought into the marriage? You shouldn’t be held responsible for college loans or maxed out credit cards to whichyou did not contribute. Know where your debt came from and to whom it rightfully belongs. Just as your properties will be divided fairly, your debt should be divided fairly as well. This may or may not mean an even split. Don’t accept the blame for something you had no part in.
  3. Organize All Documentation: You may know what is yours, but unless you have documentation, you have no evidence for the basis of your argument. Take the time to put your files in order so they are accessible as you work things out with your attorney. You do not want to be blindsided or caught off guard, and havingthese records available will safeguard you against any surprises.

Choosing to dissolve a marriage is often a difficult decision, and the process thereafter can be even more trying. Taking these easy measures in the early stages will help make the complicated process a little simpler. This allows you to focus on the things that matter the most, such as moving forward.
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